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Alienware Aurora 2019 Reviews

Best Gaming PC You Can't Resist

by Zeeshan Ramzan
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The Alienware name has standard and well-recognized merit in the gaming universe, and here we will explore Alienware Aurora 2019 Reviews, one of the best gaming PCs. Alienware is an American company that’s a subordinate part of Dell computer hardware. Their products include laptops, desktops, graphic amplifiers, video game console hybrids, windows OS-based consoles and many more. Enware computers are designed and manufactured according to modern gaming needs. They always launch the best products to improve your gaming experience and enhance the capability of devices in the gaming world—Enware aurora 2019 was designed by experts with reliable features, stable productivity, user friendly and unique specifications. 

Alienware Aurora 2019 Design and Look

The Enware Aurora 2019 (or enware aurora 2019) is designed as per gaming necessities with a cool look. This Alienware product is available in two very unique shades, one is the dark moon or lunar shadow, and the other is the bright moonlight shade. Its colours are perfect for gamers who prefer dark or white light colour to give a dope look for the game playing. Its design involves continuous lightning (AlienFX RGB LED) effects and an iconic Alienware logo button to make it work.


You will be able to find all the needed ports (a USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type-C™) port, Three USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type A) ports, plus a headset and mic plug-in)in front of you whenever you want during gameplay. Professionals of Alienware design its airing system by adding hexagonal-shaped side venting boots with front airways that will help maximise the PC’s air movement and efficiency. Enware Aurora 2019 is worthy if you are fond of high-quality gaming PCs with attractive looks and usable front ports.

Enware Aurora 2019 (R9) Compelling Features

The enware (or Alienware) aurora 2019 features included the best Memory access with high speed, Liquid cooling for unlimited use, Graphical visual qualities, Wireless networking, and most demanding. Let’s find out more details about its features.

Memory Access with High Speed

A gaming system must have the capability of tireless memory. Alienware Aurora R9 has 4GB processing power and 64 GB (random access memory) RAM of DDR4 memory with the choice of 2666Mhz to 2933Mhz. This PC makes sure to give you quick access to the device processor, operating system and application program. Its memory access is really a plus point for gaming that makes your game section glitch-free.

Liquid Cooling for Unlimited Use

Alienware Aurora 2019 is designed with the significant ability to work rapidly with the liquid cooling factor that makes sure to give unlimited use of the gaming desktop without making it overheated and tired. It provides 8GT/s quality speed with overclocking support of intel platform trust technology and intel rapid storage technology. That’s perfect for making a great gaming session and gives a higher rate than other gaming equipment. 

Graphical Visual Qualities

A gaming desktop with high-quality graphical visuals will be more prominent than any other PC. The Enware works with high graphics such as AMD Radeon graphics, NVIDIA GeForce and 20 series GeForce RTX cards that have all the advancements of NVIDIA technologies. The upgrades included ray tracing, Al-enhanced graphics and DLSS that support dual graphics up to a combination graphic power of 600W. With the most powerful graphics like Alienware aurora, game display and working during play will be unbeatable with clear visuals.

Wireless Networking

Alienware provides the best gaming wireless networking to make you comfortable sounding, and you will be able to listen to every beat of the gameplay. It has the best networking integration of Killer E2500 Ethernet LAN, always available on all Alienware auroras motherboards. To make your connection stronger and turbo boost signals, Alienware auroras have Killer Doubleshot Pro technology and authorise it with Killer LAN.

 Most Demanding

Alienware aurora has a combination of options that involve PCIe NVMe SSDs and a 7200RPM hard drive, providing you with the best gaming desktop experience with the fastest loadings saving your time with 4TB of total storage space. Alienware Aurora has the best support of Plus, Intel Opyane to ensure the unbeatable performance of gameplay. Here with these incredible features, Alienware users never need extra SSDs or hard drives. Alienware aurora, with all its excellent features and unbeatable capabilities, has become the most demanding in the gaming world because it gives the best gaming experience ever with its essential qualities.

Alienware Slots and Ports

A computer or desktop for gaming must have essential ports and slots to make an essay and a quick plug-in of other relative devices used during gaming. Alienware Aurora provides enough ports and slots to enhance users’ experience and make sure to give all access to the plug-in to the desktops.


1: The first port obtainable in front of the device is a USB port with power-sharing technology.

2: second front port is typeC USB power share plug-in technology 

3: Third port is for headphone plug-in

4: fourth port of Alienware aurora allows to the port of a microphone line in the device

5: The fifth port is for SPDIF (Coax) digital interphase

6: The sixth port is available at the backside of Alienware Aurora, and it’s also used for SPDIF (TOSLINK) digital output port.

7: port seven is for killer E2500 Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet

8: This port is for type-A USB plug-in

9: The ninth port of Alienware aurora is total size display port output

10: it’s the back side port for technology type-C USB Gen 2, having up to 15W ability of power-sharing. 

11: The eleventh port is also for type-A USB output Gen 2

12: This backport is a sid surround output available for user access 

13: The thirteenth backport for the microphone plug-in.

14: it is a back line out port

15: this backside port is for three type-A USB Gen 1

16: the sixteenth port of Alienware aurora is at the back for rare surround output

17: this backport is known as Center or Subwoofer Output

18: the eighteenth backport is for, line in 

You will get all the necessary ports and slots in front of the Alienware Aurora for quick and easy use, and it provides all rare, essential pots in the backside for needed gaming purposes.

Enware Aurora Upgrades with a Commanding Centre

To make the gaming process smooth, Alienware makes updates continuously in the command centre. They work to create products with all the latest versions and features that are craved by the gaming community. They update the command centre to make the game profile auto-tuned, enhance overclocking options, recent UI features and all the newest settings of AlienFX. 

Alienware Aurora 2019 Performance

The Alienware aurora 2019 perfectly works to enhance the gameplay timing. It goes smoothly with RTX, 2080Ti good gameplay when I use it during gaming. From my experience, it shockingly gives you 100-80 FPS on 1440p, so you will never complain about the speed or certainty of game graphics. Its game liquid cooling system makes sure to release heat through an airy system that will make sure to give a tireless gaming session without any heating problems. All advancements of two 5GHz outer speakers will give real-time gaming sound effects.

 Its hardware devices and innovation of different high standard software, anti-lag technology of AMD Radeon allow reliable use without having any lag during gameplay. 

Alienware Aurora 2019 (Size/ width, length and height)


 Alienware Aurora 2019 case has perfect dimensions with 8.7 inches in height, 17 inches in width and 18.9 inches in length. It is an ideal size and adjustable for your gaming table, giving you all access to your gaming desktop and providing accessible front ports. The height, width and length are supportive for gaming use with the Intel processor brand. It is reliable with all specifications internal and outer Enware aurora 2019 care features. 

Alienware Aurora 2019 Pricing and Worth

Alienware Aurora’s recent update shows that its pricing starts at $ 1159.99. It’s pretty standard and worth it because it provides you with many incredible features, ports, hardware and many more. It is perfectly designed for gaming purposes to make you feel more connected with the gameplay.

Latest Versions of Alienware Auroras 

Many other latest versions are available with the advancement of technology inspired by Alienware Aurora 2019 R9. 

Alienware Aurora r10 Ryzen Edition

R10 Alienware Aurora desktop provides high performance up to 16 core with 5000 series of overclocking AMD Ryzen processor, with Windows 11 operating system that is perfectly designed for gaming.

Alienware r11

This desktop is designed respectively for gaming and productivity support. It has the most remarkable ability for multitasking with the advancement of 16GB HyperX FURY memory

at 2933MHz capabilities

Alienware Aurora r13 Gaming Desktop

This is the first development of Alienware with a Cryo-Tech enabled desktop with a high-quality 12th Gen Intel Core processor, with the advancement of the new structure, better thermal management and quieter auditory factors.

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Alienware aurora 2019 is the best gaming desktop with the best technologies, graphics, memory, cooling system, needed ports, and perfect design, ensuring fulfilling all the gaming needs. 

Alienware Aurora 2019 Reviews
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Alienware Aurora 2019 Reviews
The Alienware name has standard and well-recognized merit in the gaming universe, and here we will explore Alienware Aurora 2019 Reviews.
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